CUSTOM ROM MIUI MI 4W Cross A28 by Gabaya Jr Greg


Rom with base BLUDASH 4.0 Created to spoil the pleasure of its users with the look slightly different from rom rom ever, with concepts such as Xiaomi MIUI rom (only a concept far from the original 

>>> ISI 

design Only the extent of this rom is not equipped with a SYSTEM IN ANY Tweak init.d, but busybox tool, TE, has been active and has a variety of functions in the plant TE If using this rom should seek their own plant Tweak, why? Maybe if still not satisfied with this Rom Standard Planting Tweak ... Although not quite be in the count .. HH extent Social media will feel the heat .. it's natural .. (look for his own tweaks) 


Not receiving a complaint about the power and strength of this rom for HD gaming desable service are advised to use the app and there are some hidden app can be accessed through the menu settings * No response to design changes, additional tweaks .. 

>>> installations 

of data -Wipe factory resset -Wipe cache partition -Wipe dalvic cache -format system of data-format -format cache -Choose MIUI MI 4W.ZIP IN SDCard Wait until finished -Wipe Factory Data Resset -Reboot System Now >>> Update Settings tab of the Settings 5 

>>> Thanks To 

-Cross A28 GROUP -Deni darmawan -Denny broy -Izzy Bluesy -All pobud -Romans donk -Acung bay -Pengung Son -TEAMBURST -Bludash 


We only design the look of the stock rom bludash 4.0 in combination with App cross the A28 and Nexus stock rom Any damage caused by misuse is not our responsibility (as a result of the addition of an editor to tweak apk tool etc..) We are very happy if you can make this rom more Smoot and lanjay for multitasking and HD game play It also will depend personal you each ultimately Without blaming the creator. 

>>> Link Rom Download

>>> Link Update Final styles MDPI Support Fix settings Download

>>> Update Settings s5 For Begginer Download

 5 Do it over if the settings tab does not appear in the menu 

>>> Best regards . Herry Eddane

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