[MOD][TWEAKS][SCRIPTS] XTweaks V2.0 For Android 2.3+

[MOD][TWEAKS][SCRIPTS] XTweaks V2.0 For Android 2.3+ BY Nebixts Pirello Anderson

XTweaks V2.0

XTweaks is a script pack similar to others availables on XDA BUT with some of the logic from 
SuperCharger V6 by zeppelinrox 
(automatically set some values based on your total available RAM because not everybody have the same device isn't it?).
I've been using this scripts in my custom roms and it worked fine, so I decided to release it to public.

With XTweaks you will get >

- Less lag.
- Faster and safer conections on WiFi/Mobile Networks.
- Better battery life.
- Better memory management.
- Less force closes on your apps.
- CPU Governors and I/O Schedulers tweaks.
- Faster SDcard read/write speeds.
- SQlite optimizations.
- Cleaned RAM every hour.
- Excelent overall performance.
- Your android device will feel smoother!

In the pack >

check (This script check if the mod is working, just go to terminal emulator and type:
su [enter], check[enter]).
uninstall (This is an uninstaller, in case that you don't like the mod just go to terminal emulator and type:
su [enter], uninstall [enter] then XTweaks will get uninstalled and your phone will reboot by itself).
restoreboot (This is an uninstaller for bootanimation only, just go to terminal emulator and type:
su [enter], restoreboot[enter]).

01SetProp (This script will change some system property values for better performance).
02KSM (This enable "Kernel SamePage Merging" (KSM))
03RAM (Better memory management).
04CPU (This contain some Governor & I/O Scheduler tweaks).
05System (Another memory tweaks and kernel tweaks for better battery life).
06SDCard (This script change the read_ahead_kb value to 2048 (faster speeds on SD card)).
07Network (You will get faster and safer conections on WiFi/Mobile Networks).
08Cleaner (This clear some unnecessary files and disables logcat) (if you need to get a logcat delete this script).
92vac (This script optimize the database of your apps every boot (made it by zeppelinrox)).
94fixfc (This script fix permissions to your apps and folders every boot preventing force closes (made it by zeppelinrox)).
96superflush (This script clear the cached apps every hour so will get more true free RAM (also made it by zeppelinrox)).

bootanimation.zip (Customized bootanimation based on Nexus 7's 4.4).

Requirements >
- Rooted phone.
- Android 2.3+.

[28July2014][MOD][TWEAKS][SCRIPTS] XTweaks V2.0 For Android 2.3+

- Kernel/ROM with init.d support.
- 10mb free in system.
- Custom recovery.

Installation >
  1. - Download the latest version of this mod.
  2. - Copy it on your SD card.
  3. - open the zip and delete folder bootanimation then save (to avoid bootloop)
  4. - Go to recovery mode.
  5. - Flash it.
  6. - Reboot.
  7. - Enjoy!

Link Download >

Changelog of V2.0 >
- New way to install SQlite binary (some devices was having problems on the "old" installer way).
- Some changes in the main installer (you can flash it on top of the old versions).
- A few changes in the "check" script.
- Deleted 00Buildprop script and changed by 01SetProp (some devices/ROMS doesn't ran the 00Buildprop script in consequence the values doesn't applied to build.prop, now the 01SetProp script applies those values with the "setprop" command).
- Now all the scripts will run until the system fully boots.
- Now the RAM manager script will set the lowmemorykiller parameters based on your total available RAM (balanced values).
- Now you can see all the changed parameters in the logs (Maybe you will see some errors and are caused because your ROM doesn't support those changes, just ignore it).
- Minor changes on some scripts.

F.A.Q. >

Q. How can I uninstall this mod?
A. Go to terminal and type:

Q. How can I restore my stock bootanimation?
A. Go to terminal and type:

Q. How can check if this mod is working?
A. Go to terminal and type:

You can also go to /data and check the logs.

Q. Is this mod compatible with other mods?
A. Maybe with Crossbreeder but you need to test it, first install this mod then install the one you want to try.

Q. Have this mod an entropy binary (haveged/rngd)?
A. No, this pack have a mod that keeps entropy_avail full (MAY save battery and/or boost responsiveness) discovered by zeppelinrox.


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