[CUSTOM ROM] Class Rom v2 by Brylle Chinilla for mito A95


[CUSTOM ROM] Class Rom v2 by Brylle Chinilla for mito A95


- Based on Omega HD 2 Stock ROM
- Debloated
- Deodexed and Zipaligned
- Android L (4.2.2)
- Android L icons
- Android L ringtones
- Android L UI
- Google Keyboard  
- CyanogenMod Wallpapers + Class ROM v2 Wallpaper
- Nexus 7 transition
- New Dialer
Very light (13X MB)
- Init.d support
- Rooted
- Class ROM Boot Animation 
- Class ROM Shut Animation 
- Class ROM Boot Logo
- Class ROM Banner (Settings>About phone)
- Mod Status Bar
- Busybox installed
- Android L Text Select Handle
- Latest Xposed Installer (Settings>PERSONALIZATION)
- Latest Gravity Box (Settings>PERSONALIZATION)
Modified Camera
edit build.prop (Nexus 7)
  ro.product.model=Nexus 7
  ro.product.manufacturer=Google Nexus 7

 # Do not try to parse ro.build.description or .fingerprint
 ro.build.description=hammerhead-user L LPV81C 1320585 release-keys

- Pure Graphics HD
- Bravia Engine 
NJR Tweaks :D
- and more...


go to settings>About phone> Build number (tap 5x)
go back to settings> Developers options:

Windows animation scale: .5x
Transition animation scale: 1x
Animation duration scale: .5x


go to settings>Language & input>Google Keyboard>Advanced settings:

Color Scheme> Material

How to Install:

  1. - Download zip file and copy to SD Card
  2. - Reboot to CWM/TWRP Recovery 
  3. - Wipe data/factory reset
  4. - Advanced and wipe dalvik cache
  5. - Mount and storage , format /system
  6. - Install zip from sdcard
  7. - Choose zip from sdcard>find and select that zip file
  8. - Reboot system now

Class ROM v2 ROM Link:

Patch :

- XDA Forum- Brylle Chinilla- Sir Rem Zej- Jhonmark Macasaet- Leo Sabas II- Omega HD Group